To paraphrase Meatloaf, I would do anything for love, but there are things that I simply won’t, or can’t say in your beautiful wedding ceremony.

Hang on, a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony means that you can have whatever you like, right? Well, that’s quite correct, you can have much more creative freedom in what goes into your wedding, up to a point. There are some rules that are set in stone.

Allow me to explain the wedding rules!

Picture the scene- you walk down the aisle. You look absolutely stunning, and are met by the one person you want to spend the rest of your days with. What could be more perfect? You exchange vows and rings, then I pronounce you as being married. STOP! One of your guests is a Registrar (or Lawyer) who realises that this is a Celebrant led ceremony, so has just broken pretty much every rule in the book! What a nightmare!! Your special day is ruined!

NO-ONE wants that to happen. This is why I am not allowed to ‘pronounce‘ or declare you as being married. Similarly, it would be illegal for me to pretend in some way that I’m a Registrar. Nor can the ‘does anyone know of any lawful reason why this couple may not be joined in marriage today’ line be used.

So, what shall we do about this?

Well, we can actually overcome these restrictions quite simply! You can be ‘introduced’ to your guests quite legitimately, for example. Celebrants officiate Wedding Ceremonies, not Marriage Ceremonies- there is an important difference. Wedding ceremonies are symbolic rather than being contractual. See our FAQ section for more information, by clicking here.

The even better news is that the difference between our ceremonies and the standard weddings are that you can have complete individuality and control! You can still have a traditional wedding ceremony, with all the elements of what you would expect, and more besides!

What does this mean for my wedding?

The rules are quite clear- if you have any questions about the legalities in more detail, please get in touch. By booking us as your Celebrant, you can really enhance your beautiful wedding ceremony, by going bespoke! Together, we will exchange ideas and discuss all your options, so that you have the wedding ceremony that fit’s you as a couple.

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