Naming ceremonies

Welcoming a new addition into a family is truly a wonderful feeling.

“Your baby will hold your hand for a short while, but hold a place in your heart forever.

Treasure every moment.”

Why have a naming ceremony?

A perfect time to celebrate!

What could be a better time to gather family and friends round to celebrate the arrival of a beautiful baby?

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Naming ceremonies are a perfect way to create special memories that mark your baby’s place within your family.

Bringing community together!

It takes a community to raise a child, so a naming ceremony helps forge a collective promise to the child to guide them as they grow to be grounded, honest and kind.

Meaningful commitment

If you wish to give a meaningful pledge of support to your child, that doesn’t include religion, naming cermonies offer a beautiful yet personal option.

Keeping it in the family!

Inlude family & friends in your special day by inviting them to be Godparents (or guideparents, or even ‘oddparents’ if you prefer), or ask them to take part in some way.

Other Naming Ceremonies

Family Blending Ceremonies

Joining together two families is a perfect time for a ceremony! Include everyone in the celebrations to make for a beautifully unique blessing.

Renaming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies aren’t just the reserve for babies. People wanting to celebrate their new identity following gender reassignment can be ‘renamed’ with those closest to them to mark such an important change in one’s life.

Creating beautiful memories!
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