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Hi! I’m Alison


Wedding Celebrant

About me

Here’s a little about me. I live in Coventry, in the Midlands, but originally come from a few miles away in Nuneaton; birthplace to George Eliot, Mary Whitehouse and Larry Grayson. My two daughters Gemma and Keira, are rapidly growing into beautiful young women.

People have always fascinated me- we all have a story to tell. Having worked as a Nurse for almost 30 years, experience has enabled me to be able to put people at ease.

Being pretty organised (my partner Derek thinks obsessively so), problem-solving comes quite naturally to me!

This lead me by chance into becoming a Celebrant. Over the years, a passion for good end of life nursing led me to begin my Funeral Celebrant training. Couples celebrancy was also offered, which meant that I could conduct not only funerals, or ‘celebrations of life’, as they are sometimes known; but also more celebratory ceremonies, such as baby namings, weddings and vow renewals.

Creating beautiful ceremonies gives me such an amazing feeling. To be asked to take part in the most important events in people’s lives really is a great privilege!

It’s all about you!

Although being a Celebrant, I literally do ‘stand on ceremony’, in fact I don’t really ‘do’ stress!

It is my job to take the stress out of your ceremony- your very own ‘shock-absorber’ if you like!

Being someone who likes to plan for any eventuality, you can be confident that the smallest details are carefully thought through, and that there will be no nasty surprises when it comes to your beautiful ceremony!

It really isn’t about me- your ceremony should actually mean something to you! The words you share should be meaningful, and reflect who you are, and why your love is so important in your life.

I Work With You To Bring Your Big Day Vision to Life, Stress Free.

As a Celebrant, an important part of my job is to capture all your wishes and plan your ceremony, right down to the last detail. This leaves you free to relax and enjoy your precious day.

This means everything is carefully considered and planned behind the scenes, from who stands where, everyone knows what their roles are throughout the ceremony. If you would prefer a mini rehearsal beforehand as well, that’s absolutely fine- it’s all part of the service to you!

“You have probably planned your wedding day for many months. Let me help you to bring it to life!”

Whatever your style or ideas, get in touch and let’s make those dreams a reality! You are only limited by your imagination! How exciting is that!

Let’s Create Your Big Day!

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